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Heathrow calls for sustainable fuel focus from UK government

Heathrow calls for sustainable fuel focus from UK government

Passenger numbers remained at just under 40 per cent pre-pandemic levels at Heathrow in September.

The airport argued government decisions have allowed European rivals to enjoy a stronger resurgence over the key summer period.
North American traffic is only 25 per cent of 2019 levels, figures reveal.

Cargo, which is carried in the hold of passenger planes, was close to eight per cent down by volume on 2019, reflecting the way in which travel restrictions have been damaging UK exports and supply chains, Heathrow said.


Ahead of the COP26 summit in the UK next month, Heathrow has also urged the UK government to show leadership by putting the policies in place to scale up the production of sustainable aviation fuels in the UK.

Heathrow chief executive, John Holland-Kaye said: “We should aim for 2019 to have been the peak year for fossil fuel use in global aviation.

“The UK government can show real leadership in decarbonising aviation at COP26, by setting a progressively increasing mandate and a plan to use contracts for difference to accelerate the transition to sustainable aviation fuel in the UK, which will protect the benefits of flying for future generations.”