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HBX Group partners with Google for new AI customer service innovation

HBX Group partners with Google for new AI customer service innovation

HBX Group has announced a significant investment in customer service innovation leveraging Google Cloud’s AI technology.

The technology leader is working to redefine customer experience in the travel and hospitality sector.

HBX Group understands the importance of introducing innovative and transformational products and services.

“This collaboration with Google Clou and strategic partnership with Emergya is an important milestone in our transformation journey at HBX Group and is a great testament to our commitment to innovation across multiple areas including Customer Service,” said Xabi Zabala, chief operations officer, HBX Group.


With a robust technological foundation in place, the company is strategically positioned to leverage cutting-edge AI capabilities, offering customers revolutionary experiences that redefine the standard for the travel and hospitality industry.

HBX Group is harnessing Google Cloud Contact Centre AI technology and Gemini models to transform customer interactions and deliver swift, precise support across all customer engagement channels. 

The project will be developed in partnership with specialised provider Emergya and the new AI-first customer service model will be progressively rolled out across service channels over the coming months.

“At HBX Group, we place the customer at the centre of everything we do, and this investment in the most advanced AI technologies represents a significant step forward in our commitment to fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations.

“We will automate routine tasks, reduce response times, and facilitate the work of our experienced customer service teams to deliver unique, tailored support.

“This way we are combining our people, technology and data to deliver world class customer service.”