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Hawaii Tourism Association reaches out to the Gulf region

Hawaii Tourism Association reaches out to the Gulf region

HiTA’s ambassador program is actively opening up new markets. From the Gulf region alone, it is expecting increasing arrivals thanks to this initiative.

HiTA Ambassador Walter Diaz from Qatar will be taking a large group of influential travel professionals from Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, and Oman to this yearly event that promotes inbound travel to the United States.

Juergen T. Steinmetz, president of HiTA said: “I am pleased to see we’re now able to reach out to these high-spending visitors from the Gulf region. We hope the visitor industry in Hawaii will share our excitement and help us to make this event a success for everyone.

“We invite hotels, attractions, and receptive operators to join hands with us and our expanding global ambassador program.

“Currently, we are generating increasing travel from new regions around the globe. We have ambassadors appointed in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, Colombia, Slovenia, Austria, Nepal, Russia, and are going through applications received from 88 countries.”