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Google seeks to boost travel presence with Flight Search

Google seeks to boost travel presence with Flight Search

Internet search giant Google has unveiled its latest foray into online travel, with the launch of the new Flight Search product.

The move follows the controversial $700 million buy-out of ITA software earlier this year.

Flight Search will initially only be available for a selection of domestic departures in the United States.

However, a roll-out to international departures is expected in months.

Concerns Google would have undue market share following the ITA acquisition prompted an anti-trust investigation in the United States in April.

Following an investigation, the department of justice insisted current ITA customers - including Kayak, Hotwire and Orbitz - retain existing ITA contracts until 2016.

Kayak said in a statement: “We are confident in our ability to compete, and we believe our flight search technology is superior.

“We recognise Google is a formidable competitor but they haven’t been successful in every vertical they’ve entered.

“We use multiple data sources and proprietary technology, all of which helps us in our efforts to provide people with comprehensive, fast and accurate answers to their flight search needs.”

Google has sought to build its presence in the travel sector of late, launching a similar service for hotels earlier this year.