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Global Restaurant Investment Forum links with Michelin

Global Restaurant Investment Forum links with Michelin GRIF 2015 will take place at the The Westin, Al Habtoor City, Dubai

Global Restaurant Investment Forum, the world’s leading event for the restaurant investment community, today announced a new strategic partnership with the Michelin Group.

This partnership firmly secures GRIF as the must-attend industry event for restaurateurs, investors and other industry stakeholders from across the world.

It will enable both businesses to create and execute effective strategies to foster significant growth and development in the global food and beverage sector.

The announcement signals the beginning of one of the industry’s highest-profile collaborations in recent years.

With the knowledge sharing that this partnership creates, GRIF is poised to have a very positive effect on the global hospitality industry.

The Michelin group will serve as an incubator for the next generation, as well as position them as a catalyst within the industry.

“The credibility and recognition associated with the Michelin group will assist in positioning GRIF as a must-attend industry forum.

“We will undoubtedly benefit from the years of experience and knowledge of Michelin in the hospitality industry.

“The Michelin team, in conjunction with the GRIF advisory board, will help shape the agenda for this forum moving forward,” said Jonathan Worsley, chairman, Bench Events.

Thanks to its capacity for innovation and excellent products, Michelin has played a pioneering role in the growth of mobility.

Michelin patented the first automobile tire in the late 19th century.

This invention, which helped to shape the history of mobility, enabled motorists to travel long distances in a single trip.

Then, in line with its commitment to further facilitating travel, the Michelin Group launched a collection of guides and detailed maps, of which the most well-known worldwide is the prestigious Michelin guide.

Launched in 1900, the Michelin guide has become an international benchmark in fine dining, respected by the public as well as the professionals. 

Nicolas Beaumont, Michelin Travel Partner chief executive, said: .“Historically Michelin has played a key role by bringing together many of the major actors on the global culinary scene.

“It is thus with pleasure that Michelin is participating with the GRIF at this important event. 

“The GRIF offers a superb occasion for major restaurant industry players to come together from all corners of the globe.

“The chance to trade ideas, insights and projects with seasoned food &beverage industry professionals is a great opportunity for all attendees.”