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Garuda Indonesia postpones London launch

Garuda Indonesia postpones London launch

Garuda Indonesia has confirmed it will postpone the launch of a new service to London.

A new flight had been planned to launch on November 2nd, but limited runway capacity at Soekarno-Hatta Airport has forced a change of plan.

The airline explained the pavement classification number of the runways and apron at Soekarno-Hatta Airport do not meet the required level of strength, which is typically needed for the operation of a full capacity, heavy duty commercial airline, such as the B777-300ER.

Garuda Indonesia president Emirsyah Satar said to operate at full capacity serving direct flights between Jakarta–London and carrying 314 as well as 30 tonnes of cargo, the B 777-300ER requires a PCN of 132 tons.

Soekarno-Hatta’s aging runway is already 28 years old and nearing “fatigue” with a pavement classification number/PCN of only 120 tons. 

To enable Garuda Indonesia to still make the flight to London, there would have to be a “restricted take-off weight” of 329,365 kg, which would mean a reduction in the number of passengers by 39 people and a loss of the ability to carry cargo.

Garuda Indonesia would also be unable to fly directly to London.

“Consequently, the implementation of this flight with these conditions in this competitive world of air travel would have a serious effect on the operational and business requirements of this route,” read a statement from the airline.

Due to this unexpected delay, Garuda Indonesia will begin the direct service from Jakarta to London in May 2014.