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Further Greek woe as terrorists threaten tourism

With the national finances seemingly retreating from the precipice, Greece now faces a further challenge to its economic future as terrorists threaten the tourism sector.

Urban guerrilla group Sect of Revolutionaries has threatened to turn Greece into a “war zone” over the summer, raising concerns across the country.

“Tourists should know that Greece is no longer a safe haven of capitalism,” read a leaflet printed by the organisation, which claimed responsibility for the murder of a Greek journalist last month.

“We aim to transform it into a war zone of revolutionary processes, with arson, sabotage, fierce demonstrations, bomb attacks, armed killings.”

Foreign Office

While the British Foreign Office has not issued a travel warning against trips to the country, it is the latest in a series of disasters to befall the beleaguered tourism sector.

Airspace closures during two general strikes earlier this year saw international visitors hit by delays, while industrial action also saw train, ferry and bus services cancelled.

The country has also been at a standstill over the last seven days, as hauliers walked out in protest over changes to licensing laws.

As a result, more than 35,000 truck drivers have been on strike after disobeying a government emergency order to return to work.

However, the situation was beginning to return to normal last night.


Continued Unrest

The air of unrest has seen tour operators cut prices on trips to the region, with Greece leading the way.

Greek specialist Olympic Holidays earlier cut rates by up to 60 per cent, with prices said to be adjusted on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, Co-operative Travel has said its rates had crashed compared with the same period last year, falling by 34 per cent in Paphos, 29 per cent in Crete and 26 per cent in Zante.