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For football romantics by the Turkish Airlines

For football romantics by the Turkish Airlines

The Turkish Airlines has been working with worldwide known football clubs for increasing brand recognition worldwide and has recently signed under another project for football romantics. 

The Turkish Airlines reaches out to fans of football not only by commercials or sponsorships but also by communication projects that embrace the excitement and dreams of those fans. The company has recently worked with Mr. Carles Rexach, the legendary name of F.C. Barcelona, in a documentary.

Turkish Airlines is proud of being part of the F.C. Barcelona and we have prepared an exclusive and short documentary that ingeniously tells the philosophy and success story of the team and that will give us the opportunity to establish an emotional link with its spectators. We wanted to present a small gift to the fans of the Turkish Airlines and all football lovers.

The resounding success of the F.C. Barcelona’s football performance is actually a success story that dates back to 30 years ago… Mr. Carles Rexach started as a junior football player at the F.C. Barcelona and worked for long years first as a player and then as the assistant coach of Johan Cruyff. You can listen to this success story from Rexach’s own voice at the following websites.

The documentary will not be used as a commercial but will only be available on the internet and it will be broadcast as a documentary on some television channels in the upcoming days.