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Flight attendants top poll of sexiest professions

Flight attendants top poll of sexiest professions

According to a new poll from a flight comparison website, flight attendants have topped a poll of sexiest professions for women; while firefighters clinched the top spot for their male counterparts.

The sexiest professions of men and women, according to Britons, have been revealed in the results of a new poll by a flight comparison site

Brits were asked to identify which jobs they find the most attractive in members of the opposite sex.

According to the results of the poll, flight attendants beat lawyer to the top spot as the sexiest profession for women, as voted for by men in the UK.

In contrast, the sexiest profession for men, according to female Britons, was firefighter; clinching 61 per cent of the vote.

The poll was conducted by following a recent study by the site, in which it was revealed that 57 per cent of Britons felt it was “important” for airlines to employ attractive staff.

The site therefore decided to delve deeper into the feelings of the British public when it came to the attraction of professions in general, asking 1,390 Britons aged 18 and over which professions they felt were the most attractive.

Jerome Cohen-Scali, co-Founder of, commented on the findings: “It was surprising to find, in our previous poll, that so many people felt that it was ‘important’ for airlines to employ attractive members of staff, so with this study we wanted to delve a little deeper into the thoughts of Britons when it comes to the attractiveness of professions in general.

“To see flight attendants top the poll as the sexiest for women pays true testament to the traditional stereotypes of attractive women manning the skies, and it was great to see such a mix of professions make the top ten.

“As for the sexiest male professions, it seems that women really do hold a candle to the more physical male professions such as firefighters!”