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First quarter statistics for Hawaii tourism bodes well

All four major markets (US West, US East, Japan, and Canada) had double-digit growth in total visitor spending in the first quarter of 2011, boosted by higher average daily spending and increased arrivals.

Quarterly arrival data by visitors from the smaller markets: Other Asia (+20.7%), Oceania (+10.5%), Europe (+9.2%), and Latin America (+6.6%), also showed increases compared to the first quarter of 2010.

For the month of March 2011, total visitor spending grew 11.8 percent (US$103.5 million) from March 2010, to US$980.7 million. Total arrivals rose 4.2 percent to 633,365 visitors. The average daily spending by all visitors in March 2011 was US$167 per person, up from US$162 per person in March 2010.

Total arrivals by air in March 2011 rose 3.1 percent to 615,553 visitors. Arrivals from Canada climbed 34.7 percent from March 2010. Arrivals from US West (+3.4%) and US East (+7.2%) also increased compared to a year ago.

Arrivals from Japan plunged 17.9 percent compared to last March, due to flight suspensions and trip cancellations following the earthquake and tsunami on March 11. 9 out of the last 10 months (since May 2010).


Arrivals by cruise ships in March 2011 grew 65.8 percent to 17,812 visitors compared to the same month last year.