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Finnair takes inflight dining options into supermarkets

Finnair takes inflight dining options into supermarkets

Finnair is bringing its famous signature blueberry juice drink to travel-thirsty grounded customers by making it available to buy in supermarkets across Finland.

The hugely popular delicious blueberry juice drink will be on sale for fans at a selection of over 300 K-group grocery stores across the country from next month.

Finnish cuisine is known worldwide for its use of tasty wild berries, and Finnair introduced blueberry juice as its signature drink in 2014.

Since then, a staggering up to one million litres of blueberry juice have been served on board Finnair flights every single year.

Marika Nieminen, vice president, Finnair Kitchen, said: “Blueberry juice has been a distinctive part of the Finnair customer experience and it is loved by many of our customers.

“We wanted to offer this delicious drink, which has become a firm favourite of the Finnair in-flight experience to our customers who have a taste for travel and want to enjoy Finnair from the comfort of their own homes.”


Blueberry has recently been branded as a super-food, but for Finns it has always been a natural part of Finnish cuisine, as it grows wild in the forests all over Finland.

Added Marika: “Probably every Finn has picked blueberries, and you can buy them by the bucket when they are in season in August.”

While blueberries grow naturally in coniferous forests across the Nordics and other Central European countries, Finnair’s branded blueberry juice drink is produced in Turku on the southwest coast of Finland, by leading European juice producer, Eckes-Granini.

As well as offering those missing flying the ability to recreate the inflight dining experience on the ground, the initiative also helped secure the jobs of catering staff who were called back from furlough, because of the pandemic.