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Finnair bolsters cargo flights to combat coronavirus

Finnair bolsters cargo flights to combat coronavirus

Finnair cargo flights are helping bolster the airline as well as combat the effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Nordic carrier has maintained many of its Asian connections through its extensive cargo operations at its cutting-edge cargo terminal at its Helsinki hub.

Flights carrying goods and essential medical supplies are being operated to key destinations on the airline’s route network to meet continuing demand in cities across Asia and Europe.

Finnair customers in Asia, especially Japan and South Korea, rely upon the carrier for access to food products, especially seafood.


Meanwhile, the carrier is meeting high demand in Europe for medical supplies related to fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

Finnair operates to South Korea carrying Finnish samples for coronavirus testing on behalf of a consortium led by private healthcare provider Mehiläinen.

This will help to vastly increase the number of tests carried out on Finnish patients, as part of crucial life-saving work to combat the virus.

On its return journey, the Finnair flight will take off with supplies of protective gear on board as belly cargo.

Mikko Tainio, Finnair Cargo chief executive, said: “While the impact of the coronavirus pandemic upon our passenger flights has, like other carriers, been dramatic, Finnair continues to connect the world through its cargo operations.

“Our committed team is working around the clock to ensure the provision of essential medical supplies is maintained to help in the battle against Covid-19.

“We’re really happy to be able to do some work for humanitarian purposes as well as for commercial reasons.

“When I talk to my family at home, I can say I’ve done something for the humanitarian purpose.

“That feels pretty good.”