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FAUCHON L’Hotel Kyoto Debuts Sake Immersion Experience

FAUCHON L’Hotel Kyoto Debuts Sake Immersion Experience

To offer guests the opportunity to enjoy an authentic Japanese cultural experience, Fauchon L’Hotel Kyoto is launching a sake immersion experience. Created in partnership with Tsuki no Katsura, a 350-year-old sake brewery in Fushimi, Kyoto, the special package provides a look into the history and taste of Japan’s iconic fermented rice wine while savoring the five-star luxury of Japan’s first Gourmet hotel.
This new collaboration represents FAUCHON L’Hotel’s philosophy to partner with high-quality, renowned brands in each hotel’s city to introduce authentic local purveyors to customers. FAUCHON is an exceptional curator of the best products and works to identify premium gourmet items through local sourcing in order to offer the best food and beverage selections through remarkable pairings. Endeavors like this provide an opportunity for more travelers to learn about Kyoto’s food-related traditions and culture as curated by the gourmet food brand FAUCHON. The Fauchon L’Hotel Paris will also feature Tsuki no Katsura sake on its menu for guests to experience.

The “Prestige Suite With Tsuki no Katsura Concept Room” Package includes the following:

Accommodation for one night in the hotel’s Prestige Suites, which have been transformed into concept rooms celebrating Kyoto’s culinary culture. The rooms are adorned with rare sake-related ceramics from the collection of the Tokubei Masuda Shoten brewery which produces the Tsuki no Katsura sake.
Pastry specialties in the room (in addition to the FAUCHON offerings in the Gourmet Bar) including FAUCHON’s signature Bisou Bisou lip-shaped poundcake created for this occasion using Tsuki no Katsura’s sake and rice puff crunch chocolate inspired by rice, the raw material of sake. Limited edition sweets inspired by sake will also be available.
A bottle of Tsuki no Katsura sake and an original tenugui (hand towel) for guests to take home with them.
A sake tasting at Le Bar FAUCHON to impart the finer complexities of Japan’s most notable alcoholic beverage featuring five different kinds of sakes with explanations on what makes each sake different and how they are made.
Chef Omakase courses and Sake Pairing Dinner.
Breakfast daily.
For another option, guests may make arrangements for a tour of the Tsuki no Katsura Sake Brewery (minimum two people required). The private, luxury tour is a premium experience guided by their CEO and also features sake tasting including their vintage label. This can be purchased from 20,000JPY per person. Note: the brewery is open on specific days of the week so a request for a tour to match dates of stay must be made in advance.

The “Prestige Suite With Tsuki no Katsura Concept Room” Package starts at 157,600JPY per night, double occupancy. Rates vary depending upon dates of stay. The package is available now through May 31, 2024 and can be booked here.

Guests who are staying at the hotel, but do not purchase this package, also have the opportunity to purchase the sake tasting experience at Le Bar FAUCHON for 3,000JPY or the Chef Omakase Course and Sake pairing dinner for 28,000JPY per person.


FAUCHON L’Hotel Kyoto is the location where FAUCHON meets Kyoto. This is an exceptional marriage between the iconic French FAUCHON hospitality brand and the traditional design and cultural elements of Japan, achieved by Spin Design Studio of Japan together with Atelier Paluel-Marmont in Paris. The property, which opened in March of 2021, is a masterful blend of FAUCHON style featuring magenta, black, white, and gold with a nod to its Japanese location. As an example, there are black painted bamboo accents on the walls, Sakura petals incorporated in many design elements including on the lobby ceiling lights as well as fabrics in the guest rooms and suites, and Washi paper (used in Origami) on the wall above the headboards in the guest rooms. Another design element is the beautiful bedside lighting which represents the French mille-feuille pastry.