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Experience Abu Dhabi, the destination brand of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, has unveiled Find Your Pace. The new global campaign inspires curiosity for every type of traveller to explore Abu Dhabi, presenting the destination’s hidden gems and popular attractions through a new lens.
With Find Your Pace, Experience Abu Dhabi ignites curiosity and encourages visitors to create their own unique journey, from the known to the unknown, through ancient heritage sites and iconic modern treasures. It showcases the pursuits, passions, and colour palettes that visitors will uncover within the destination – whether they are seeking the thrill of adventure, immersive cultural experiences, or simply a relaxing break amid natural landscapes.

With rhythm, music and vibrant settings, Find Your Pace follows four characters as they explore Abu Dhabi for the first time, taking journeys that inspire, excite, and restore. Destination highlights include the tranquil Al Ain Oasis, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, inspiring Qasr Al Watan, and renowned Louvre Abu Dhabi, as well as the vast Green Mubazzarah, and the Al Wathba Fossil Dunes, estimated to be over four million years old.

With travellers looking for more immersive and tailored experiences, the creative and emotive story puts Abu Dhabi in the frame as a must-visit destination where everyone is welcome to find their pace. The campaign video has been designed to convey the feeling that visitors experience when they explore Abu Dhabi, showcasing how culture is at the heart of all the attractions and activities one can discover within the emirate.

Find Your Pace highlights that with the destination’s three pillars of experiences, Abu Dhabi caters to the needs, interests and passion points of all categories of travellers. The destination inspires, educating creatively and enriching lives; it restores, allowing visitors to revive, refresh and escape; and it excites, through entertainment and adventure. And it’s all available year-round, just minutes apart – ready to be explored at your own pace.

Find Your Pace is available on all social media platforms and can be viewed here: