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Expedia amends rate, conditions and availability parity clauses

Expedia amends rate, conditions and availability parity clauses

The Expedia group has revealed that it intends to waive certain clauses in its agreements with its European hotel partners.

A number of European competition authorities are currently investigating rate, conditions and availability parity clauses in certain online travel agency agreements with hotels.  Expedia has worked closely and constructively with these authorities and the European Commission and today announced that it is waiving its rate, conditions and availability parity clauses with its hotel partners for a period of five years in line with Clauses 1.1, 1.2 and 2.1 of the formal commitments offered by and accepted by the national competition authorities in France, Italy and Sweden in April 2015.  The changes announced today apply to all hotel properties in Europe and affect consumers booking via Expedia’s sites worldwide.

Expedia’s waivers will become effective as at 1 August 2015 and Expedia will contact its hotel partners in Europe individually to communicate this announcement and how it intends to implement the changes announced today.

While Expedia maintains that its current rate, conditions and availability parity clauses are lawful and in compliance with competition law, Expedia considers that today’s announcement is a positive step towards facilitating the closure of the open investigations into such clauses on a harmonised pan-European basis.

Today’s announcement ensures that Expedia can continue to invest in technological innovation and maintaining a first class consumer experience on its sites, by offering consumers transparency, value and choice together with a great booking experience.


With its announcement Expedia offers hotels and consumers an effective pan-European solution. The pan-European scope of Expedia’s announcement is also an important contribution to the European Commission’s Digital Single Market objective.

To the extent that individual countries’ regulatory or legislative developments may in the future cut across Expedia’s change of commercial policy announced today, Expedia naturally reserves the right to adjust its revised approach as appropriate.

Expedia remains committed to offering consumers the widest possible choice of travel options at compelling prices.  Expedia hopes that today’s announcement will allow it and its hotel partners to focus again fully on jointly delivering choice and value to travellers looking for compelling European accommodation deals.