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Expansion for Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul

Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul has added another 2400m2 to its existing 3500m2, increasing the size by over 40 per cent in order to meet the needs of growing passenger numbers.

Located in the departure area of Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, the expanded lounge adds a second floor to the existing space and connects them with a spiral staircase that integrates a global sphere, representing the worldwide reach of Turkish Airlines.

The new addition creates additional space and increases the capacity of the lounge to over 1,000 guests.

The existing facility, which included a children’s playground, library, billiards area, prayer room and teleconference section, has seen an expansion of the rest and shower space as well as additional massage beds.

The enhanced lounge caters to virtually every passenger need - whether that is to sit quietly or find activities that help to pass the pre-flight time.

The lounge concept provides a wide range of activities and services that will bring additional satisfaction to customers with diverse requirements.

The lounge is operated by Turkish Airlines’ catering partner, TURKISH DO&CO, a group that has repeatedly won awards for providing Turkish Airlines’ passengers with the best meals in the sky.

The same attention to detail and variety is evident in the multiple and changing varieties of food available to the lounge guests.

Meals and snacks are provided as appropriate to the time of day and many items are cooked on site to ensure maximum flavour and freshness.

Equally varied is the selection of beverages which provide something for every passenger’s needs.

The lounge combines both modern and traditional design, a space able to provide traditional Turkish hospitality in a setting that offers the most modern conveniences, such free Wi-Fi access through the lounge.

The spiral staircase connects the two sections of the lounge and its design represents the connectivity that Turkish Airlines provides to its global customer base.

It incorporates a tea garden reminiscent of those found in Istanbul and provides an experience similar to places in the city where both residents and visitors can enjoy a Turkish tea and bagel.
For those wishing a bit more excitement, there is a miniature model of Istanbul through which guests may experience a virtual car rally as well as other game consoles and electronic diversions.

In keeping with Turkish Airlines’ ongoing support of golf related events as ‘Turkish Airlines Open’, the lounge includes a realistic golf simulator for passengers interested in trying their skills while awaiting a flight.