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European Union bans Afghan carriers

European Union bans Afghan carriers

European Commission officials have banned all airlines operating out of Afghanistan from European airspace.

Prior to the announcement only Ariana Afghan Airlines had been banned from operating in European airspace.

However, this has now been extended to all carriers based in the country following concerns over safety deficiencies identified in its system to oversee civil aviation.

Pictured: Kam Air will now be banned from European airspace

Kam Air, Pamir Airways and Safi Airways will all be hit by the change.

Commission vice-president Siim Kallas, responsible for mobility and transport, said: “We cannot afford to compromise on air safety.

“Where we have evidence that air carriers are not performing safe operations or where the regulatory authorities fail in their obligation to enforce the safety standards we must act to ensure there will be no risks to safety.”


European Commission Blacklist

Mauritania-based airlines were also banned from the skies over Europe following a number of failed ramp inspections by EU states.

The ban already covers passenger and cargo carriers from nations including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Liberia, Sudan and the Philippines.

Airline crashes in 2004 and 2005 killing hundreds of European travellers prompted EU governments to seek a uniform approach to airline safety through a common blacklist.

The list is now updated at least four times a year and is based on deficiencies found during checks at European airports, the use of antiquated aircraft by companies and shortcomings by non-EU airline regulators.