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Etihad CEO addresses Toronto Board Of Trade

Etihad CEO addresses Toronto Board Of Trade

Etihad Airways Chief Executive Officer, James Hogan, today addressed the Toronto Board of Trade.In his speech. Entitled “New Opportunities, A New Start, A New Silk Road” - Mr Hogan outlined his views on multicultural Canada’s ideal position in a global economy driven by emergent Asian powers.

“From now until 2050, another 50 million people will join the middle class every year. A new wellspring, brimming with discretionary income. And how better to express - and enjoy - new wealth than to travel?”
Mr Hogan also spoke on the position of Etihad in the Canadian market and its aspiration to fly more frequently into Toronto if regulatory access were eased.

“There are 384 weekly long and ultra long haul flights into Toronto every week. Etihad flies just three of them - less than one per cent. Etihad is a friend to Canada and we want to be a connector to Canada.”

Mr Hogan compared Canada with Etihad’s successful partnerships with American Airlines and Virgin Australia in other markets, and expressed a willingness to work with local carriers to grow the market.