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Etihad announces Live Free For a Year winner

Etihad announces Live Free For a Year winner Winner Matt Parkhouse, centre left, celebrates with Clive Wratten, UK country manager, Etihad Airways, centre right

Etihad Airways has announced the winner of its ‘Live Free For a Year’ competition.

The £55,000 cash prize, the largest the airline has ever awarded in a competition of this kind, went to Matt Parkhouse, of Worthing-based specialist sports event travel agency TravelPlaces.

The competition was open to all agents booking a set number of Etihad Airways tickets during one month.

The grand prize of £55,000 was designed to cover all the winner’s expenses for 12 months, enabling him or her to ‘Live Free for a Year’ courtesy of the Abu Dhabi-based airline.

A number of daily mini-prizes, including iPads and iPhones, were also awarded during the competition period.

Parkhouse, said: “It’s fantastic. I entered because my iPod had broken the day the competition opened, and I thought it would be a great way to replace it.

“I don’t think buying a new iPod will be too much trouble now.

“I’m thinking of taking a holiday to celebrate, and of course I’m looking forward to flying business class – or even first class – with Etihad Airways to one of its 86 destinations.

“Everyone at TravelPlaces, my employer, was incredibly excited for more, and they managed to hide their envy.”

Etihad Airways is considered the World’s Leading Airline by the World Travel Awards.