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Escape World Cup fever with’s top ten football free destinations

Escape World Cup fever with’s top ten football free destinations

Between the USA goal that shall not be mentioned and England’s lone scoring success, which was missed by over 1.5 million fans, the World Cup is off to a sad start.

For disillusioned devotees and football-haters alike, recommends an early escape to one of these top ten football-free destinations:

1.  Scotland – One place you most certainly will not find a pub full of people cheering on England.

2.  Hungary – Once home to football legends like Ferenc Puskas, Hungary has failed to impress on the pitch in over two decades. With football off the agenda, take time to see Budapest’s famous baths and visit central Europe’s largest lake, Lake Balaton.

3.  Canada – With little interest in sports that don’t involve a puck, stick and net, the World Cup is nearly a non-event for Canadians. Head to the Great White North for relaxation in the Rockies or calamity in cottage country.


4.  Belgium – Having failed to qualify, it’s likely the World Cup will be studiously ignored nationwide. Visit Bruges, the capital city, and take in the medieval cobbled streets, gothic architecture and picturesque skyline.

5.  USA – Although America’s performance was stronger than hoped for in Saturday’s match, the country prefers its home-grown sports of baseball, basketball and American football to “soccer”. Even in the midst of the World Cup, travellers can find radio silence in America.

6.  Nepal – There’s no easier way to escape World Cup mania than on top of a mountain. Consider a trek into Everest Base Camp for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

7.  South of France – Go camping or caravanning on the Riviera and enjoy a blissful escape from the world’s football proceedings.

8.  Iceland – With Iceland – and the skies – ash free, there’s never been a better time to explore the fjords, springs and lava formations in lieu of obsessing over the World Cup.

9.  Indonesia – the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia offers an endless choice of remote islands to escape to. Visit the sugar white sands of the Gili islands, the beasts of Komodo Island or surf in Sumbawa.

10.Morocco – Having failed to qualify while neighbouring rival Algeria did not struggle, the World Cup is best avoided as a topic of conversation here.