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Energy Efficiency Analysis Program for Hotels Unveiled

Energy Efficiency Analysis Program for Hotels Unveiled

EcoGreenHotel President, Scott Parisi, announced the launch of his company’s new Energy Efficiency Analysis program, or E2A, designed to help green hotels assess their exact energy usage and develop cost-effective ways to reduce it.

“As other industries look to reduce their negative impacts on the environment, hotels have struggled to do the same without it having an adverse effect on the guest experience and the bottom line.  Energy efficiency programs that have been good for other industries have not necessarily been applicable to hospitality for those reasons,” Parisi said.  “Our goal was to develop a hospitality-specific program for evaluating and increasing the energy efficiency of hotels without sacrificing guest satisfaction or the hotel’s financial wellbeing, and we’ve achieved that with E2A.”

The energy efficiency process begins with EcoGreenHotel analyzing a year’s worth of each property’s utility bills using ENERGY STARS benchmarking system.  An EcoGreenHotel E2A professional conducts an on-site visit to evaluate the property’s operations and efficiency.  EcoGreenHotel then creates a customized, cost-effective energy efficiency strategy taking industry-specific factors, property specifics and region into account.

Once the analysis is complete, each hotel receives a comprehensive report, a cost-benefit breakdown for each of the recommended Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s), a five-year cash flow analysis for each of the ECM’s, and a list of federal, state, local and utility-sponsored rebates, grants, incentives and loans that will help pay for them.

“Our mission is to encourage greater energy efficiency throughout the hospitality industry, and our new partnership with EPA’s ENERGY STAR Program will greatly enhance that effort,” Parisi said.


“Another thing that sets EcoGreenHotel’s E2A program apart is that it’s completely vendor neutral,” Parisi said.  “Our recommendations for products, services and technology are based solely upon our clients’ best interests, and nothing more.  We guarantee that each E2A program will result in an actionable plan that will save our clients money, lessen the impact on the environment and improve cash flow.”