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Encircling the Burj Khalifa high up in the sky, Dubai architects propose a massive ‘gated community’

Downtown Circle is made up of five levels and would sit on five points, or pillars, embedded into the ground. The massive span of the circle itself would be composed of two main rings held together by a continuous green belt named the Skypark which vertically connects the floors with each other creating a connected three-dimensional urban green eco-system.

The National mentions that the (supposedly) self-sustaining 550-meter-tall (1,804-foot) structure would include a tram system and incredible landscaped features such as swamps and a waterfall in and around its three-kilometer (1.86-mile) long tract. ZNera Space, the Dubai-based firm behind the proposal, mentioned it in terms of the NEOM project’s recently-announced ‘The Line’ megastructure, stating that its concept differs within an urban context, but that the radical design, which was thought up during the pandemic, “raises the discussion of what we can do better” in terms of agricultural production and social division.

“Our roles as architects is to come up with these ideas,” co-founder Najmus Chowdry said. “We want people to comment on it, criticise it, to see how we can think about building topographies.”