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Emirates signs airport mapping data from Lufthansa Systems

Emirates signs airport mapping data from Lufthansa Systems

Emirates uses Lufthansa Systems’ Lido/AMDB data for the airport moving map application in the cockpits of its A380 fleet. The recently signed contract also covers the implementation of Lufthansa Systems’ Lido/AMM in a second step to equip also the remaining fleet with an airport moving map application. Both solutions will support the Emirates pilots during taxiing at the airport, even in adverse situations e.g. caused by weather and low visibility.

“Having used Lido products for many years, we assured ourselves of the outstanding quality and precision of the solutions and navigation data from Lufthansa Systems,” says Bob Everest, Vice President Flight Operations Support of Emirates. “Another reason for our decision is the seamless integration of Lido/AMM with the Lido/eRouteManual electronic navigation charts, which our pilots use as well. This reduces workload and head-down time on the ground and increases situational awareness.”

Lido/AMDB is a highly precise airport mapping database, which enables the moving map application of the Onboard Airport Navigation System (OANS) of modern aircraft to generate airport maps that enhance the flight crew’s situational awareness during taxi operations. The highly accurate database describes the spatial layout of an airport, which includes the geometry of runways, taxiways or buildings as well as further information characterizing those items and their functions which are stored as so called attributes (e.g. surface type, name/object identifier, runway slope). These data support pilots in all weather conditions when using an airport map in the navigation display.

The geo-referenced airport data of Lido/AMDB are the basis for the Lido/AMM airport moving map application, which assists flight crews during ground operations in conducting safe and efficient taxi operations. Lido/AMM will show the own-ship position with heading direction and the highlighted gate position or runway entry. All information is displayed in relation to the airport environment. The new solution will be available for EFB Class 2 by the end of 2011.

“We are proud that Emirates has selected further innovative solutions from our flight operations portfolio,” says Marco Cesa, Senior Vice President Sales EMEA at Lufthansa Systems. “Through the depth of our portfolio and our modern technology itself we have grown to a global leader in the market for airline IT, especially in the Middle East we have achieved a strong position.”


The cooperation between Emirates and Lufthansa Systems started back in 1996. Besides Lido/RouteManual and Lido/eRouteManual navigation charts, the carrier also relies on the high-quality flight management system data Lido/FMS and the innovative flight planning solution Lido/Flight. Today, more than 20 leading airlines in the Middle East already use the products and services of Lufthansa Systems.