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easyJet to trial reserved seating

easyJet to trial reserved seating

Tired of the anxious wait, edging ever closer to the boarding gate waiting for a no-frills flight only to be crushed in a mad-rush for seats?

Well, such scenes could be coming to an end as easyJet announces it is to trial allocated seating on selected routes from early next year as it seeks to further boost its business travel credentials.

Currently, easyJet operates an unreserved system whereby passengers simply choose which seats to occupy when they board the aircraft with those having purchased speedy boarding or travelling with young children boarding first and thus having the first choice.

On trial flights, all passengers will be allocated a specific seat.

easyJet said in a statement it expects demand for certain seats such as the front row seats and seats with extra leg room like those on the over wing exit rows.

Those passengers who wish to guarantee one of these seats – or any other they prefer - will be able to purchase them in advance.

Prices will stay “true to easyJet’s commitment to low fares”, added the statement.

Passengers on the same booking who have not pre-selected a seat will be allocated seats next to each other where possible.

Carolyn McCall, easyJet chief executive, said: “This is another example of easyJet trying to do all it can to make travel easy and affordable for our passengers.

“We look forward to seeing how our passengers respond and how the trial works.

“We will roll it out further only if it works operationally, from a revenue perspective and increases passenger satisfaction.

“If it doesn’t, we won’t,” she concluded.

easyJet is recognised as Europe’s Leading Low-cost Airline by the World Travel Awards.