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EasyJet distances itself from Holocaust fashion shoot fiasco

EasyJet distances itself from Holocaust fashion shoot fiasco

EasyJet has confirmed it is withdrawing all copies of its in-flight magazine easyJet Traveller following the publication of a fashion spread photographed at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

The fashion spread was shot in the Field of Stelae - a German memorial in commemoration of the genocide of Jews in the Second World War.

But EasyJet has also tried to distance itself from the “inconsiderate” shoot, claiming that it was not aware of it until it appeared in print. The low-cost carrier also said it was reviewing its contract for the inflight magazine with Ink Publishing.

A spokesman for easyJet said the airline “prides itself on bringing together a wide range of cultures and beliefs and is appalled by this insensitive and inconsiderate photo shoot, the aim of which was to highlight some of Berlin’s iconic landmarks and certainly no offence was meant.”

In a statement on its website, Ink Publishing says it “sincerely apologises to anyone who may have been offended by the shoot”.  Additionally the publisher claimed “Far from trivializing the Memorial, on the contrary the intention was to encourage passengers to visit for themselves. The shoot was intended to not only promote local design talent and the city itself, but to raise awareness.”


According to Ink, more than four and a half million people fly with easyJet each month, and more than 280,000 passengers take the inflight magazine away with them.