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Dubai will have ‘smart’ urban technology park

Dubai will have ‘smart’ urban technology park

An urban technology park will appear in Dubai’s Al Jaddaf district. The Urban Technology District (URB) will create 4,000 jobs in green urban technology, education and training
“Dubai is better positioned to lead the urban tech transformation than any other city in the world. The Urban Tech District will be a new global tech hub for urban innovation. With a total of 140,000 square meters of built-up area, it will be the world’s largest urban tech district, thus making Dubai the center for urban innovation,” said Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB.

It will provide space for conferences, training, research and business incubators.

Dubai already has several clusters dedicated to specific industries, such as media, Internet, e-commerce and logistics.

URB is based in the Dubai Design District, and its website is dedicated to zero-emission urban projects. Its portfolio includes Alnama Smart City in Riyadh and Xzero City in Kuwait.

The proposed project in Dubai would expand urban technology solutions on a much larger scale and provide investment opportunities for innovators addressing some of the most important challenges associated with sustainable cities.


The district will also provide opportunities for a new generation of innovative companies that need a platform for rapid growth.

The proposed urban tech district would also be a specialized institute. The institute will provide an opportunity to test new innovations through applied research and will also encourage public-private partnerships, the developer said. In this way, it will ultimately help accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable development.