Breaking Travel News reveals Brits abandoning the Eurozone in favour of domestic breaks reveals Brits abandoning the Eurozone in favour of domestic breaks

This will appease VisitEngland which has recently launched a three-year project to encourage Brits to take more short breaks and holidays at home and in turn increase the availability of jobs within the Tourism Sector especially in those areas hit by economic challenges.

Recent research by the coach holidays operator has also shown that many Brits are resorting to tightening their money belts as the cost of living continually rises whilst salaries continue to stagnate. As a result, many are considering foregoing their usual annual break. This year, a recent survey at the World Travel Market showed that only 59% took a holiday with 5% opting to forego their holiday. More than a quarter (26%) said that the increased costs of travelling, owing to taxes, was a major issue with 31% saying that they would travel less often than they used to.

Rachel Jones, Online PR & Marketing Co-ordinator at said: “Since the economic crisis hit the Eurozone we have noticed that there are fewer people looking to book coach holidays to Europe and we have put this down to poor exchange rates and the fragility of the Euro. The recent civil unrest in countries such as Greece is also having a negative impact on holidays to Europe with many Brits preferring to stay in the UK.”

Looking at recent figures, has seen a significant rise in searches for UK breaks with 5821 visits compared to only 1175 visits for France. This certainly shows that Brits are taking hold of their personal finances and looking for cheaper options when it comes to holidays preferring to avoid the poor exchange rates of Europe and stay at home instead. With more people staying at home, some are even shunning the whole idea of a holiday and opting for day trips out instead, although this in turn can also prove to be an expensive choice with hidden extras bumping up the price of a trip to the theme park. It costs a family of four on average £93 to visit a theme park and that’s without the cost of food, drink and the endless queues for rides during peak season.

Rachel concluded: “I think it’s fair to say that Brits are being priced out of the Eurozone when it comes to holidays. Although hotels in Greece have cut their rates due to the civil unrest there, other countries such as Italy, Spain and Ireland have seen their prices increase year-on-year. It is also having a negative impact on some travel companies with many experiencing financial woes due to the lack of interest for holidays to Europe and North African destinations with many Brits being cautious and abandoning these for domestic breaks instead. I think it’s fair to say that the longer the economic crisis continues, the more ‘staycations’ will be booked.”