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Discover Puerto Rico Offers New Ways to Experience the Island’s Sunshine

Discover Puerto Rico Offers New Ways to Experience the Island’s Sunshine

Discover Puerto Rico, the Island’s Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), announced today its Sunshine Route and the Sunshine Shop – new and unique ways for visitors to #LiveBoricua both on and off the Island
In a tribute to Puerto Rico’s official color, Puerto Rico Sunshine created by Pantone, the route features several stops where explorers can tangibly experience the iconic sunshine through adventure, beauty, cuisine, fashion and more, while the shop curates local products inspired by the color for consumers to enjoy.
The map provides a guide for travelers to road trip and experience sunshine – a proven mood booster especially in the winter months - wherever they are on the Island. Starting in the San Juan metro region, visitors can make stops at Distrito T-Mobile, Puerto Rico’s massive entertainment complex, where they can experience a unique light show inspired by Puerto Rico Sunshine across their 14,000 feet of LED screens. From there, venture to Señor Paleta and Indulge Chocolat to grab a Sunshine popsicle or bon-bon to enjoy while taking in the special sight of a Puerto Rico sunset over the San Juan Bay. Next, followers can wake up to a breathtaking sunrise at Playa Isla Verde before visiting aWa Outdoor where they’ll pick up a Puerto Rico Sunshine cooler backpack featuring petroglyph prints from the Taínos – Puerto Rico’s native people. From there, visitors can head to Rincón, Ponce, Jayuya and more for additional sunshine.

“We’re very pleased with the overwhelming local support for our Puerto Rico Sunshine color with Pantone – from local foods to accessories and more – partners and small business owners have embraced this to make it their own. It only felt natural to curate these goods and experiences that can immerse travelers in the Island’s sunny rays both literally and figurately,” said Leah Chandler, CMO of Discover Puerto Rico. “There has never been a better time, or easier way, to visit Puerto Rico, with new direct flights departing from across the U.S. daily, and no passport required. Especially as the cold settles in across much of the mainland, we encourage people to feel the warmth in Puerto Rico.”

Consumers can shop all bespoke Sunshine products created by local vendors in the new Sunshine Shop on Discover Puerto Rico’s website. The unique products include jewelry from Knot Predictable and local designer Grace Gonzalez; Bomba accessories from Bombazo Wear that reflect an authentic aspect of the Island’s African influence; nail polish from Bettina Cosmetics; sandals from Isleñas; and Chuchería bags from Rogative, among others. These products provide consumers with the ability to support local businesses anywhere in the world and bring the Boricua spirit home, as well as inspiration to visit the Island in the future. Two additional vendors with products inspired by Puerto Rico Sunshine – Señor Paleta and Indulge Chocolat – offer their Sunshine tasty treats at brick-and-mortar locations featured on the Sunshine Route.

Earlier this year, Discover Puerto Rico announced their partnership with the Pantone Color Institute to create a first-of-its kind color inspired by the hue of Puerto Rican sunlight, based on findings by Puerto Rican physicist, Hector J. Jimenez. Dr. Jimenez calculated the color of sunbeams using various existing models of the solar radiation and the atmosphere at different moments throughout the day in several locations throughout the Island, which then was applied to create the color Puerto Rico Sunshine. Since then, the color has taken on a life of its own and sparked pride in the Boricua community, with local small businesses creating unique products inspired by the color.

With no passport, currency exchange, or international phone plan required for U.S. citizens, Puerto Rico is the perfect place for those looking for the balance of unparalleled cultural experiences, award-winning beaches, world-class culinary delights, natural wonders, and heart-pounding adventure in their future trip.


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The Sunshine Route includes:
DISTRITO T-Mobile - The Island’s newest entertainment complex, DISTRITO T-Mobile is home to a unique light show inspired by Puerto Rico Sunshine across their 14,000 feet of LED screens, including the largest 4K horizontal LED screen in the Americas.
Señor Paleta - This artisanal shop is home to handmade and natural frozen treats, including their new Puerto Rico Sunshine-inspired Paleta, rich with flavors of papaya and pineapple.
Indulge Chocolat - A couture chocolate shop that designs delectable, handcrafted treats including their Puerto Rico Sunshine-inspired passion fruit-infused bon-bons.
San Juan Bay - Enjoy the sunset over San Juan Bay either tableside at one of the many local restaurants or catch a catamaran for a memorable cruise around the bay.
aWa Outdoor - aWa Outdoor is founded by two Puerto Rican women who focus on products to protect personal items from water. Their Puerto Rico Sunshine dry bags and coolers are made of the exact Puerto Rico Sunshine color, featuring petroglyphs from the native Taínos.
Playa Pastillo - Soak up the sun at this lush beach area as the turquoise waves crash on the shore. Sunbathe under a palm tree or check out Isabela’s famed Cuevas de las Golondrinas.
Rincón - Famous for its breathtaking sunsets on the Western region of the Island, Rincón is the perfect place to catch some Puerto Rico Sunshine before it sets for the evening.
Hacienda Tres Casitas - Reconnect with nature at this family-owned Hacienda tucked away in the beauty of the Island’s west coast. Spend the day relaxing under the sun and listening to the sounds of the coquis as you unwind and decompress.
La Parguera Natural Reserve - Get outdoors and catch some rays with a snorkeling adventure at the La Parguera Natural Reserve. This stop features a variety of reef life thriving in the sun-filled waters off the shoreline.
Hacienda Tres Angeles - Rise and enjoy the sunshine at Hacienda Tres Ángeles, a coffee hacienda tucked away in the mountains of Adjuntas, where you can sip on a fresh cup of their specialty coffee while soaking up the sun on their spacious deck.
Caguan Indigenous Ceremonial Park - One of the Island’s most precious Taíno legacies stretching back more than 800 years, the park has numerous well-preserved petroglyphs, a museum with Taíno artifacts, and a botanical garden to explore under the sun.
Cerro Punta - The highest peak on the Island at an elevation of 1,338 meters above sea level, Cerro Punta is where travelers can get as close to the Puerto Rico Sunshine as physically possible while experiencing panoramic views of the Island.
Peñuelas - If you’re looking for a little shade from the sun’s rays, this spot is known as “The Valley of the Flamboyant Trees,” which bloom a vibrant red-orange color reminiscent of the Puerto Rico Sunshine Pantone color. Be sure to stop by La Soplaera Waterfall when visiting for a quick dip!
Coamo Hot Springs - Feel the warmth of the sun and relax in this outdoor spa and natural thermal spring, legend says these waters were the fountain of youth sought by Puerto Rico’s first governor, Juan Ponce de León.
Sun Bay Beach – This family friendly beach boasts everything you need for a day in the sun including changing rooms, lifeguards and food kiosks. Guests can also camp under the sun at the beach, with a permit.
Zoní Beach - A hidden paradise, Zoní Beach in Culebra offers natural caves, sea grapevines, and a beautiful sunset in a less crowded environment.
Punta Santiago Beach – Have fun in the sun at Punta Santiago, lounging under palm tree or taking a dip in the sea. With plenty of parking and nearby restaurants, you’ll be surrounded by perfect picturesque scenery.
Salty Dog Catamaran - Enjoy the sunshine, at sea! Tours travel to unspoiled islands off the coast, where you can explore tropical fish and coral reefs on the eastern coast.
Luquillo Beach - Visit la Capital del Sol or “The Sun’s Capital” to experience some of the Island’s best beaches as well as their famous Los Kioskos de Luquillo to enjoy a beachside strip of restaurants, bars and gift shops.
Playa Isla Verde - The long golden sand beach of Playa Isla Verde offers the opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of sunrises in Puerto Rico.