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Discover a new way of enjoying tourism in Quito

Discover a new way of enjoying tourism in Quito

Slow tourism aims to educate tourists, have an emotional impact, and be sustainable with local communities and the environment. This new trend is gaining traction, and more and more people choose longer stays to allow for more in-depth visits to tourist attractions; explore traditions and cuisine; enjoy nature and, above all, create unforgettable memories.
Quito Turismo and World Peace Routes are working together to promote alternatives to traditional tourism, and to put Quito slow tourism on both the national and international maps.

Under the motto “If time is something precious, we need to take advantage of it; it’s time to slow down and enjoy the pleasure of leisurely travel”, World Peace Routes will launch a seal for national tourism establishments and agents that share the values of slow tourism.

The Capital of the Middle of the World offers various attractions and experiences in keeping with this new way of travelling.

Iglesia de la Compañía

The Iglesia de la Compañia (Church of La Compañía) is one of Latin America’s most treasured architectural creations, and stands out for its gold leaf decoration. Guided art and cuisine experiences make it a must-see stop for anyone interested in discovering more of Quito’s culture.


This attraction offers experiences such as ‘Chocolatear en Quito ’ (Chocolating in Quito), in the old town, which aims to stimulate taste and smell through chocolate; and the ‘La intimidad es política’ (Intimacy is political) tour, which promotes an open dialogue on the works of 17 artists.

Hotel Mamá Cuchara

From shows featuring traditional instruments to hallways overrun with art, Hotel Mamá Cuchara is fully committed to slow tourism. Here, tourists can travel back in time through the city’s tales, told by one of the hotel’s hosts.

The hotel is strategically located in one of the city’s traditional neighbourhoods, and also promotes visits to craft workshops to learn about the creative process involved in making local products. Expert Ecuadorian chefs also prepare traditional dishes and share key recipes at the heart of Quito’s cuisine.

La Cuchara Ecuadorian Gallery

Fine-scented organic chocolate and pleasant Ecuadorian coffee are the protagonists at La Cuchara Ecuadorian Gallery, a space that shares the history of Quito by way of its cuisine, and enriches the experience of any tourist through traditional product tastings and interactive workshops.