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Datalex: Innovating the travel retail experience

Datalex: Innovating the travel retail experience

Datalex, an independent Dublin-based company, provides the most comprehensive and proven portfolio of air and ancillary pricing, shopping, promotions, merchandising and reward features across multiple direct channels. Its patent pending personalisation feature enables airlines to leverage data to tailor relevant and profitable real time offers throughout the travel experience. 

Airline retailers leading the transformation of travel retail are leveraging the Datalex Travel Distribution Platform to de-commoditise, differentiate and personalise their offerings.

Airline retailers know they can depend on the solution’s flexibility and scalability to achieve their business objectives at unrivalled pace.

Unrestricted by technology, airlines are assured active engagement with the traveller at all touchpoints and can quickly implement relevant, tailored offers and promotions, or react quickly to competitive and market dynamics.

Award-Winning Retail Innovation

For the third consecutive year, Datalex has been awarded the title of World’s Leading Travel Distribution Provider, and also World’s Leading Travel Merchandising Solution Provider at the World Travel Awards Grand Final.

Datalex chief executive Aidan Brogan is in no doubt as to the value that the World Travel Awards recognition has brought to Datalex. Commenting on the awards, he said: “We are very proud of the multiple World Travel Awards we have received. Last year was fantastic for Datalex, with the Travel Distribution Platform continuing to deliver its award-winning retail innovation and world class traveller experience to new and existing customers.”

Brogan added: “Datalex has always been and will continue to be committed to working with our travel partners to provide ground-breaking merchandising technology, grow their business, and to help our customers to deliver first-class customer service to millions of travellers around the world every day.”

Global Travel Retail Excellence

Datalex’s customers are airlines and travel suppliers who lead the industry in travel merchandising, driving the evolution from the traditional air fare transaction to highly developed travel retail strategies.

Datalex has worked with leading global airlines to drive the airline’s travel retail business into the future. Its customers represent the highest ancillary revenue earners in industry and the most progressive and innovative airline retailers. 

Most recently, Delta Air Lines, the world’s largest global airline, has leveraged the Datalex Travel Distribution Platform to enhance the digital experience across all touch points. Other innovative Datalex customers such as Aer Lingus, which leveraged TDP for 85 per cent of its distribution, has recently introduced pre-order meals available to book online.

Also US-based ultra low cost carrier Frontier Airlines has leveraged an extensive range of TDP functionality. Most recently Frontier launched TDP Retailer, which dynamically offers a range of low fare promotions to customers based on their chosen origin.

With over 50 airline customers worldwide, Datalex software serves the airline travel retail offering to millions of travellers every day.


One of Datalex’s most recent innovations has been the patent-pending TDP Persona feature. TDP Persona, now a core feature of the Travel Distribution Platform, empowers travel retailers to intuitively identify customer intent and tailor offers uniquely targeted to each shopping experience.

Datalex vice president of strategy and marketing, Ornagh Hoban, explained: “Airlines are travel retailers; where ancillary started with bags, it has grown as an opportunity to service the customer at every point of the travel experience.

The potential upside in revenue is equalled by the ability to meet the traveller’s expectations.

This requires intelligent and high-value retail which involves creating experiences, not just commodities.”

TDP Persona leverages the intelligence it gathers at each engagement with the customer. It monitors shopping behaviour and profile without the need for the customer to log in or complete a profile.

Shopping logic permits product, pricing and promotions categorisation for real-time recommendations and promotions that are tailored and relevant.