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Czech Republic breaks ground ahead of Expo Milano 2015

A 550 metre plot of land designated for the Czech Republic pavilion has been officially handed over to the commissioner general of the Czech Republic for Expo Milano 2015, Jiří Frantisek Potužník. 

The beginning of the work is already scheduled for next week: modules will be built by the company KOMA from Vizovice, following the design of the architecture studio Chybik & Krystof.

At the same time, in the city of Vizovice, the modules that will be transported and assembled in Milan, between September and October, in just six weeks, will go into production.

In line with the theme of Expo Milano, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, the water becomes the fulcrum by which the Czech Republic is presented at the Universal Exposition in an ambitious and highly technological project.

“Ours will be the only one of the pavilions of Expo 2015, to be surrounded on two sides by the canal that flows into the Expo site as well as hosting a large pool,” said Potužník.

He added: “The water is not only the symbol of the Czech Republic, a country of watershed in Europe, but also the element that has shaped the form of our regions and cities: it seemed important for it to become an integral part of the Exposition, allowing us to introduce the world to our best patents, including nanotechnology applied to water purification.”

The concept with which the country looks to Expo Milano 2015 refers to the Laboratory of Life, or experience in innovation in the management of water resources and their use, the results of biochemical and nanotechnological research institutes of applied research in the care environment, in human and animal health and the production of safe food.

The regions of the country will be featured in the Fantasy and Fairy Tale Land that will be installed in February and March 2015.

During this same period the multimedia system will be assembled, developed from a project sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade from the proposal of the students Technical University of Prague CVUT.

This will exploit the potential of innovative industry of the country by betting on the students of technical universities.