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CTO SG holds talks with tourism officials in Guadeloupe

CTO SG holds talks with tourism officials in Guadeloupe

Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, Hugh Riley paid a one day visit to Guadeloupe in an effort to strengthen relations with the French Caribbean territory.

The May 31st visit gave him an opportunity to sit down with Guadeloupe¡¦s Director of Tourism, Willy Rosier, and collaborators Thierry Gargar, Olivier Michel. Also the CTO head met with hotelier Daniel Arnoux who is also President of the commission promotion and marketing of the Guadeloupe Islands Tourism Board.

The Secretary General gave an outline of the new efforts of CTO to build new capacity to serve its members.

In response the Director of CTIG expressed the wish to work with CTO to devise a strategic plan to build the tourism sector in Guadeloupe.

A number of special areas were identified:


- Marketing assistance targeting such destinations as the USA, Canada and emerging economies such as Brazil
- Training for the sector
- Emphasis on TSV ¡VTotal Visitor Satisfaction
-  Developing closer ties with our neighbouring tourism interests

The CTO Secretary General expressed his thanks for the hospitality extended to him during his Guadeloupe visit and promised to build an effective relationship to enhance the tourism industry in the territory.