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Columbus survey reveals top 10 items Brits have to take on holiday

Columbus survey reveals top 10 items Brits have to take on holiday

A survey conducted by travel insurance specialist Columbus Direct has found some surprising statistics on which item Brits cannot do without on holiday.

The top three items that Britons insist on taking with them on holiday are smartphones (33%), books or an ebook reader (22%) and sunglasses (16%). Surprisingly, only 6% said that expensive gadgets such as tablets or an iPad was their essential holiday companion and only .5% said they couldn’t do without their camera.

The fact that smartphones were the number one option and more important than sunglasses and swimwear combined illustrates a shift towards people using their phones as all-in-one tools with camera, video, and entertainment capabilities in addition to communication functions.

The top 10 items Brits have to take on holiday:

1.  Smartphone - 33%
2.  Books / ebook reader - 22%
3.  Sunglasses – 16%
4.  Swimwear – 11%
5.  Make-up – 7%
6.  iPad or Tablet – 6%
7.  Flip-flops – 2%
8.  Suncream – .5%
9.  Medication – 1%
10.  Camera – .5%


Of course not everyone agreed with the top ten with some people telling us they couldn’t travel without their spouse, comfortable shoes and the traditional British must have… tea-bags.

Greg Lawson, Head of Retail at Columbus Direct, said: “Our customer survey has revealed some intriguing figures. When it comes to taking gadgets on holiday, smartphones are the number one choice. For those individuals that do choose to take more valuable items such as iPads and tablets abroad, it is important to note that standard travel policies will only cover up to a certain amount for gadgets so if additional cover is needed travellers should look at options such as a gadget policy add-on.”

“While we all have different necessities we need to bring with us on holiday, the one essential is travel insurance documents. Whilst we wouldn’t expect this to be the first thing people think of it is vital to bring copies of your policy documents with you.

“Your policy will contain critical information about what to do in an emergency, including medical assistance numbers. It will also list full details on what you are and aren’t covered for. This is very important to know before choosing to take part in an activity for which you may not be covered.”