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City guide highlights gems of Monaco

City guide highlights gems of Monaco

Famed for the glittering Monte Carlo Casino, the Formula One Grand Prix and its glamorous royal family, Monaco has its own dedicated city guide.

Formula One fans are among high end travellers who have been tapping into Monaco.City.Mobi, which aims to showcase top attractions in the world’s second smallest country.

Capturing the glamour, beauty chic and style for which the destination is renowned, the directory lists everything visitors to the city need to know about Monaco during their stay. Savvy travellers can become instantly immersed in the local culture, with information, facts and figures and contacts easily accessible,

From the circuit de Monaco, to lavish boutique shops, to fine gardens, manicured streets, spectacular Palaces and beautiful parks, Monaco’s many unique sights, highlights and hidden gems can be discovered.

Commenting on the guide, Kelly Footit, head of development at World Group said: “Despite being the second smallest country in the world, Monaco is one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations, attracting elite travellers, royalty and celebrities throughout the year for major events including the F1 Grand Prix”


He added: “Monaco.City.Mobi aims to inform travellers of their many options, featuring up-to-date information about the Principality’s superb attractions, diners, cafes, bars, accommodation options, shopping, spas, and so much more so that they can make the most of their time in this unique destination.”

The Monaco mobile guide – created by leading mobile web development company World Mobi Limited – is available free of charge at Monaco.City.Mobi. This clever pocket sized buddy can be run using a mobile or smartphone browser. It is also accessible on desktops.

The mobile guide includes extensive information ranging from accommodations, to restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and transport. In addition there is emergency information to hand.  Other innovative features include a currency converter and translating tool while web links and contact details are provided for all the featured services.

Designed specifically for the needs of travellers on the go, the guides load efficiently and reduce download costs for the user.