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30 Spanish airports face closure

30 Spanish airports face closure

Up to 30 of Spain’s 47 state-run airports could face partial closure in a bid to cut costs after it emerged that they are no-where near to full capacity.

Despite being such a popular tourism destination, the public sector has been criticised for investing in so many airports which are not being used, according to reports.

It is thought that 30 of the 47 airports handle fewer than 100,000 passengers per year – 300,000 fewer passengers than they need to be profitable.

Badajoz airport was among the worst performers with its last commercial flight reportedly taking off in January..
AENA, Spain’s airport association, is looking to reduce operating hours at 30 of the airports in a bid to cut costs without closing them altogether.

‘We are analysing each one, airport by airport, to find where we can make cost-cutting,’ said a spokesman from AENA.


Staff numbers are likely to be reduced as part of the new cost cutting measures.