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Cebu airport back to 24-7 operations

Cebu airport back to 24-7 operations

Domestic and international flights to and from Cebu will now be allowed on all hours of the day, but subject to certain operational restrictions on the use of the runway at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB).
Based on these new conditions, we are considering the possibility of adjusting our schedules and will advise you if we are able to reinstate some nighttime flights.

However, flight cancellations or delays may occur because of the strict operational restrictions and the need for favorable weather conditions, which are essential for the safety of all flights.

If you are traveling to or from Cebu, we strongly encourage you to check the status of your particular flight before proceeding to the airport.

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IMPORTANT REMINDER: A flight’s status is updated in real-time, and there is no need to call the PAL contact center to verify the information. We encourage you to continue monitoring the status of your flight using the Flight Status self-service tool on our website so that we can keep our contact center hotlines free of congestion.


You may also check our public advisories for any flight cancellation announcements.