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Cayman Islands stuns with new creative marketing campaign

Cayman Islands stuns with new creative marketing campaign The new Cayman Islands Dream in Nature campaign is a creative and visually-stunning one that marries nature with the target audiences the islands are trying to reach.

The Cayman Islands will soon roll out a new tourism marketing campaign to attract visitors to the island.

The visually-stunning campaign goes beyond the traditional images used in tourism marketing and marries the natural beauty of the islands with a creative concept.
There are ads that imagine the Bioluminescence Rivers as an extension of a woman’s gown, in another, a woman and her child marvel at starfish in the sky and in another, a young man relaxes in a boat pulled by seagulls.

In unveiling the new campaign to the media at a sponsored lunch during the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association’s Travel Marketplace in Puerto Rico on Tuesday, Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan said they looked at other regional campaigns done over the years and realised they were repetitive and similar.

“We wanted to stand out and position the brand to a new level as a luxury lifestyle brand,” he said.


He said in considering what luxury meant, research showed that there is a trend toward experiencing nature as part of luxury travel.

“Affluent travellers want the white glove service but they also want a one-of-a-kind experience,” he said.

The campaign builds on the 2018 campaign Dream in Nature. 

Created by Caymanians and featuring Caymanian models, the campaign showcases the country’s diversity.

“The point of using our own people is based on the fact that we are a very multi-cultural destination, we have a lot of different nationalities that came to Cayman and made Cayman their own,” he said when asked why they chose to do the campaign themselves.

“Cayman has the opportunity to display all the varieties of people and display the attitude of our people which is very welcoming to everybody.

Director of Tourism Rosa Harris said the use of their own people in the ads was also a way of targeting different groups.

She said the visitor profile has been one-dimensional over the years so the campaign also reflects the markets they want to attract to the islands.

She revealed that KY$800,000 was spent to execute the video assets and in total KY$10 million will be spent on marketing and advertising in source markets including Canada, the United States and Latin America.

While the campaign targets the luxury market, Harris said as an offspring there would be a lot of other imagery that highlights budget-friendly activities.

“This is visually arresting, this is to inspire, this is to disrupt, this is to spur curiosity and drive people to our website and once they get there they can explore more. Our tactical campaign will then be a branch from this master campaign,” she explained.

Bryan added that no matter how much money a visitor has, everyone would feel at home in the Cayman Islands.

He said that with the new campaign their aim is to beat the 2019 stayover figures by 10 per cent in 2023.

Source: Loop news