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Carnival sues over Deepwater Horizon disaster

Cruise operator Carnival Corporation has filed a lawsuit against the owners, operators and manufacturers of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig.

The rig exploded last year, with the loss of 11 lives, spilling millions of litres of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

In a filling with the US District Court in New Orleans Carnival is seeking unspecified damages, seeking to recover costs incurred for increased fuel costs, vessel cleaning costs and loss of revenue and bookings.

In documents filed on April 20th, Carnival said it was seeking a jury trial.

Carnival included claims against BP, Cameron, Transocean and several other companies connected to the operation of the well.

In its counterclaim, Carnival reserved its right to pursue claims in state court.

One Year Anniversary

Eleven people died when the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20th last year.

About 4.9 million barrels, or more than 200 million gallons, of oil later flowed out of a subsurface BP well.

BP has incurred tens of billions of dollars of liabilities from the disaster.

In its defence, BP also this week sued Transocean, seeking at least $40 billion in damages from the owner of the Deepwater Horizon rig.

London-based BP also sued Cameron International for negligence, saying a blowout preventer made by Cameron failed to avert the catastrophe.

“The simple fact is that on April 20th, 2010, every single safety system and device and well control procedure on the Deepwater Horizon failed, resulting in the casualty,” BP said in a statement.