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Caribbean Hot in 2024 Tourism Surge

Caribbean Hot in 2024 Tourism Surge

The travel industry is on a roll in 2024, with people spending more and traveling further. A new report by Mastercard Economics Institute says this is great news for many economies, especially those in the Caribbean.
Island Hopping in the Caribbean

The report shows that four Caribbean destinations are top picks for American travelers this summer. These are Oranjestad, Aruba; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Santiago, Dominican Republic. Oranjestad even cracked the global top ten for trending destinations!

Affordability Makes a Splash

The report says that Caribbean islands with good deals on hotels are doing especially well. Tourists are staying longer and spending more in these places. For example, the average stay in Barbados is now 8.5 days, up from 7.8 days in 2020. This is likely due to affordability and the nice weather.

Global Trends: Longer Trips, Record Numbers


All over the world, people are taking longer vacations – an average of 5.5 days in 2024 compared to 4.5 days in 2020. The first half of this year saw record numbers of Americans traveling internationally, with over 15.9 million jetting off between January and March. This shows how well the travel industry has adjusted to new travel habits and what people want.

Experiences over Souvenirs

Travelers today are more interested in making memories than buying stuff. In fact, experiences now account for 12% of all tourism sales, the highest level in at least five years. This means people are looking for unique and valuable experiences, and travel destinations are having to step up their game.

Cruising Makes a Comeback

Cruises are more popular than ever before, even compared to before the pandemic. The Bahamas, for instance, has seen nearly 3 million more cruise passengers this year than in 2019. This shows that cruises are a great way to see the world for an affordable price.

New and Classic Travel Hotspots

Japan is the most popular tourist destination overall, while Munich is the summer travel hotspot. In Europe, Albania is becoming a favorite for budget-minded travelers. This shows that people are looking for all sorts of travel experiences, from familiar favorites to exciting new places.

Mastercard: Helping Tourism Thrive

Mastercard is a big supporter of the global travel industry. They do this by providing market analysis, data insights, and strategies to connect with customers. Their goal is to make travel experiences personal and build brand loyalty, keeping the travel industry strong and responsive to what people want in 2024.