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Car hire with dating research from Avis

Car hire with dating research from Avis

New research from Avis shows that if men really want to rev-up a woman’s engine on a first date, they should hire a posh car to make the ultimate entrance.

The study undertaken to mark the launch of the new Select Series range, revealed that two in five women (39%) think turning up for a date in a flash motor makes a good first impression, ensures a man stands out from the dating crowd (12%) and gives them instant sex appeal (8%), making them more attractive from the outset.

Top cars guaranteed to get the female pulse racing include an Aston Martin (20%), Lamborghini (11%), Porsche (10%), Ferrari (9%), Audi (6%) and Mercedes-Benz (8%). One in ten men (10%) even admit they’d hire a flash set of wheels for a first date to put them firmly ahead of the competition and 10% would doctor their online dating profile by posing for a picture next to a high-end car to increase female attention.

In fact, latest sales data for Avis highlights a 409% increase over the last two years* of posh hires from its premium Select Series range, as men try to boost their dating credentials.

Men opting for a premium car can be reassured they’ll be giving out all the right signals, including giving the impression they’re a high earner (36%), with a high powered job (20%) and in possession of keys to a posh property (9%).


Daring to pick up your date in your regular set of wheels? The devil is in the detail, women admit that an indistinguishable car pong (78%), distasteful car modifications (43%), poor music choice (20%), comedy air fresheners (18%) and a dirty interior (67%) are all massive turn-offs.

Be warned though boys, there’s a fine balance to be struck when it comes to the dating game. Whereas a flash car can hit the mark, teaming this with an equally flashy appearance could be a major turn off. Over half of women admit sporting a fake tan (52%) is an absolute ‘no go’ and looking overly dressed or preened to perfection (27%) could also send the opposite sex running.

Overtly ostentatious gestures including securing a table at a top restaurant (3%) or tickets to a VIP gig or show (2%) also fail to impress the ladies. They’re at the bottom of the priority list when it comes to attributes women consider important.

Bad on-date behaviour could also have disastrous consequences for any potential male suitor, blowing a second rendezvous out of the water (33%), causing a date to be cancelled on the spot (10%) or cutting it short through an onset of sickness (8%). Topping women’s pet hates include:
·      Lack of manners (79%)
·      Taking too many calls / replying to too many texts (79%)
·      Talking about an ex (75%)
·      Turning up late (67%)
·      Talking about themselves too much (58%)

Jo Hemmings, relationship psychologist, comments: “What’s clear from this research is that women are still impressed by a man who can make a real jaw dropping arrival. They love the romance of being chauffeured to their dating destination in a beautiful car but with the proviso that the man behind the wheel can get the balance right between flashing the cash and flexing a friendly down-to-earth personality. Men who can get that first impression spot on, whilst mastering the dating basics, are definitely onto a winning formula, putting themselves firmly ahead of the competition.”

For those wanting to move their date up a gear, the rules are simple:
·      Be prepared to stump up the cash to pay for the evening (27%)
·      Swot up on how to be chivalrous (67%)
·      Crack a well timed joke (79%)
·      Exude a nice personality (87%)

Kaye Ceille, Managing Director, Avis Budget UK comments: “Our research shows that when it comes to dating there’s still a definite need to make the right first impression, with the age-old technique of attracting a woman with a high-performance set of wheels still leading to increased success on the romance front. With a range of exclusive vehicles now available to hire for such important occasions, we hope we can help more lonely hearts come together to secure their perfect match”.