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IFTM Top Resa announces the launching of IFTM Daily

IFTM Top Resa announces the launching of IFTM Daily

IFTM Top Resa is taking on an increasingly international dimension, both when it comes to the exhibitors and when it comes to visitors and media. Communicating practical information, key events and news at the show is thus becoming important.

IFTM DAILY, written and edited by high added-value specialists, will be the official “voice” of the show and will deal with topics of interest to all players in the industry, with spotlights on the top industry figures from France and abroad.

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their latest products within a high-quality editorial environment. They will be able to communicate via interviews, articles or reports, but also through advertising or advertorial.

Each day, the visitors of the show will be able to increase their knowledge base, inform themselves about new products or brands, learn about interesting new destinations, find new ideas and suppliers, and discover the programme of events at the show.

“France, the world’s number one tourist destination, must avail itself of a professional trade show, a veritable shop front of the travel and tourism industries,” said event director, Thomas Desplanques.


“IFTM Top Resa, through its evolution and its investments, has become, year after year, an unavoidable show for French and foreign companies, not only to promote France as a destination, but also international destinations wishing to develop business with a French and European clientele.”

“The publication of an international daily magazine, offering a synopsis of all that takes place during IFTM Top Resa is an important step in our development”, he continues. “IFTM DAILY will promote the international growth of the show, while supplying a veritable work tool for the visitors, the exhibitors and all media present.”