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Capita travel and events sells Wi-Fi on East Coast Main Line bookings

Capita travel and events sells Wi-Fi on East Coast Main Line bookings

Capita travel and events’ customers can now purchase Wi-Fi codes from the agency in conjunction with their standard class rail ticket on the East Coast Main Line.  The development is the latest of Capita travel and events’ innovations to reduce the total cost of travel whilst enhancing the traveller’s experience en-route.

The transaction is managed by the agency and so the cost is billed directly to the customer organisation. This will assist the customer to recover VAT and allocate customer cost centres and management information to the purchase. It also eliminates the need for travellers to make a potentially costly and time-consuming expense claim. A Wi-Fi code can only be purchased if it is in accordance with a customer’s travel policy.

Raj Sachdave, head of rail product UK and International, Capita travel and events said, “This development is unique in the business travel market. More customers are asking for an integrated rail solution that caters for end-to-end expenditure and we have responded to demand with cost savings to customer organisations combined with convenience for their travellers.”

Martin Turner, head of sales, East Coast Trains added, “This is the latest of efforts to improve customer satisfaction and experience for East Coast customers when travelling along the East Coast Main Line. The existing partnership between East Coast and Capita travel and events continues to flourish and our efforts provide enhanced services for our customers and ultimately deliver added value.”

Rosie Mohamed, Travel Procurement Manager for Pinsent Masons LLP commented, “It promotes a simple and seamless booking process and it improves our travellers’ experience as it is one less item for them to claim back, making business travel more efficient to manage. This will also allow the firm to gather greater management information on expenditure.”