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Cancun street art turns city into open-air museum

Cancun street art turns city into open-air museum

The Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau has welcomed an array of street artists set to transform the city’s public spaces through a vibrant street art movement.

New colourful murals have already started to emerge on Cancun’s street walls and abandoned residential areas.

The first stage of the project began in February and includes the transformation of four buildings, two located in downtown Cancun and the other two in the city’s hotel zone.

This initial phase is currently being completed by many artists from all over the world including Celeste Byers from the United States, Aaron Glasson from New Zealand, and Interesni Kazki from Ukraine.

During the upcoming months, the movement intends to continue transforming more buildings around the city.


The project is expected to enter its second phase from July 2nd-10th, in which eight additional buildings will be transformed into beautiful works of art.

“We are excited and honoured to welcome this wonderful new art movement,” said Lizzie Cole, chief executive of the Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau.

“Cancun is proud to offer both visitors and locals alike the opportunity to enjoy these unique art pieces, which perfectly align with the city’s fresh vibe and vibrant personality as well as its current environmental conservation efforts.”

These murals not only reflect the culture of Cancun’s surrounding communities, but they also portray important topics such as the benefits of ecotourism and ocean conservation in the region.

The paintings showcase the unique style and vision of each artist, while drawing in thousands of tourists and locals to enjoy this innovative approach to environmental conservation awareness.