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Caldwell steps up to president with Omni Hotels & Resorts

Caldwell steps up to president with Omni Hotels & Resorts

Omni Hotels & Resorts has announced that chief executive Jim Caldwell will also assume the role of president, effective immediately.

In his newly combined role, Caldwell will continue establishing the vision for the luxury hotel brand while ensuring that all operational areas within the company are aligned to achieve its long-term goals and objectives.

Caldwell has served as chief executive for Omni Hotels & Resorts for the last 13 years, as well as president of TRT Holdings, a privately-owned, diversified holding company.

During the early years of the company, Caldwell developed the framework that has been instrumental in the growth, development and management of the Omni brand.

It was Caldwell’s strategic vision to establish Omni Hotels & Resorts as a brand known for enhancing the guest experience through a high level of personalised service.


Since the acquisition of Omni Hotels & Resorts and under Caldwell’s guidance, the brand has achieved growth with an opportunistic mind-set utilising flexible growth strategies as an owner/operator, developer, and/or financial partner.

Today, the brand is made up of 60 properties in urban and resort destinations in North America with more than 21,000 associates. 

From 1991 to 1996, Caldwell acted as vice president and general counsel for TRT Holdings and served as president of its real estate subsidiary.

Caldwell currently serves as a member of the Salvation Army DFW Metroplex Command Advisory Board.