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Buenos Aires tipped as popular winter destination

Buenos Aires tipped as popular winter destination

Online travel and hotel reviews company, Easyvoyage, expects Buenos Aires to be a popular destination as people look to get away for some winter sun.

Figures released by Buenos Aires authorities show that the city expects the number of visitors arriving on cruise trips to increase by 21 per cent in the 2011/2012 season. It has also been reported that they expect a total of 400,000 visitors and 158 ships to dock at the city’s port.

Rooksana Hossenally from Easyvoyage commented: “Buenos Aires is an incredibly beautiful and varied destination and with hundreds of things to see and do; it is no surprise that the city will be popular this winter. It has excellent beaches, which rival those found on a holiday to Jamaica, allowing visitors to split their time between the seaside and the many cultural attractions on offer.”

Visitors arriving on cheap flights to Buenos Aires are also well placed to explore the rest of Argentina and the many treasures that the country has to offer. Easyvoyage fully expects other trips to the region to be similarly popular, with tourists looking for sun during the winter.

Rooksana Hossenally continued: “The capital is a thriving city, full of possibilities. The atmosphere is unique and allows visitors to taste the flavour of Latin America as well as opening travellers’ eyes to the unique history of the region. Anyone willing to explore Argentina and Buenos Aires will find a truly amazing country, full of fine food, wine and amazing spirit. This allure makes Buenos Aires one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.”