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Travizon signs up for GlobalStar membership

Travizon signs up for GlobalStar membership

Travizon has joined GlobalStar Travel Management. Travizon, founded in 1973, is a recognized, award winning leader in global travel, technology, meetings and expense management. 

With headquarters in Woburn, MA, Travizon is one of the largest, privately held travel management firms in North America spanning across the United States and Canada with 12 branch locations with over three hundred (300) employees. Travizon has signed up for the highest tier level GlobalStar membership in North America and will therefore become a steering factor in the GlobalStar organization.

Travizon is owned by Jeffrey Smith and Joel Smith, with a management team of Anita Salvatore, Executive Vice President, Global Account Services, Lehi Mills, Chief Technology Officer and Matthew Cummings, Chief Financial and Operating Officer.

Travizon has extensive experience in consolidating global travel management programs for over 15 years and has long sought a structured partnership affiliation that consists of leading travel management firms throughout the world that can work in unison to provide corporate customers with a truly integrated global platform.

Travizon’s COO-CFO Matt Cummings comments; “We have found GlobalStar’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence in customer service and satisfaction, coupled with Travizon’s technology will exceed and achieve our multi-national clients’ needs. The GlobalStar Network is able to provide these solutions with the best regional choices worldwide.”


GlobalStar’s President Steve Hartwell stated; “Travizon joining GlobalStar Travel Management provides our partner immense extra networking opportunities as the United States are still the main driver of new business opportunities globally. We are delighted to have Matt Cummings on the GlobalStar Global Board where he will be part of the further development of our rapidly emerging organization.”