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The Vice Chairman Of The New Sol Meliá, Sebastián Escarrer, Named “European Personality Of The Year”

The Vice Chairman of the new Sol Meliá, Sebastián Escarrer, has been named “European Personality of the Year” by the prestigious North American magazine “Travel Agent”.

The magazine defines Escarrer as “a great expert in financial and management strategy” and also praises his excellent work in transforming Sol Meliá into the leading hotel company in Spain and Latin America with 250 in 25 countries all over the world.

As well as describing the importance of the Company’s growth strategy in countries in the Mediterranean region, Travel Agent also highlights the fundamental importance of Sol Meliá‘s efforts to incorporate new hotels in Latin America’s most popular destinations, both in the city hotel and resort hotel sectors.

After the Company’s achievements in 1998, Sebastián Escarrer has announced that one of the priority objectives for the Company in the near future will be “the incorporation of several hotels in major European capital cities”.

For Escarrer, all of the Company’s plans and projects have one overriding aim: “the creation of value for all of our clients: our shareholders, the owners of hotels, our guests, our partners and our employees”.


Sebastián Escarrer has also been named amongst 30 European personalities that will act as advisors to the Vice President of the European Commission, Leon Brittan, for the world summit on the liberalisation of the service industry.

As representative for Spain, the Vice Chairman of Sol Meliá will be joined by the President of the Spanish Association of Architects, Jaime Duró Pifarré and the Executive Vice President of Telefónica, Javier Revuelta, Sebastián Escarrer will assume responsibility for advising Leon Brittan on matters relating to tourism, and has declared that his appointment is considered “a great honour for Sol Meliá in particular and for the Spanish tourism industry in general, for having been given the chance to take part and share this tremendous responsibility “.

Escarrer also added that the appointment “is a sign of recognition for the sector and for its capacity to promote economic development and the creation of employment for the European Union in the future “.

In the same line, in 1998 Sol Meliá was chosen by the magazine “Hotel Outlook Investment” and by the television station CNN for special reports as an example of a Spanish tourism company dedicated to quality and with significant growth potential.