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Protea Hotels Secures Two More Tanzanian Properties

Protea have just confirmed their further expansion into Tanzania - which follows closely on the announcement made less than a month ago, that they intended to pursue their development in this country. They already have three extremely profitable properties within Tanzania, and they will now increase this to a total of five. Both additional hotels are in Zanzibar, one of which is a new-build, owned by a South African.

Protea Hotel Zanzibar Beach Resort will have 63 free-standing bungalows, as well as a suite and four large houses that will each have 3-bedrooms. The resort is set on the North East side of Zanzibar on one of the most sought after beaches and will focus on water-sports. A diving school, which is to be managed by a South African will be developed at the resort, and a four-meter deep pool is being built especially to train divers. This resort is set to open by the end of October this year and is expected to have a special appeal to the South African market. “The resort is owned by a South African, which makes us even more pleased to be part of this new development,” said Allan Duke, Group Marketing Services Director of Protea Hotels.

The fifth Tanzanian property, which will fly the Protea Hotels flag, is the Protea Hotel Mbweni Ruins. This luxury hotel that was built 5 years ago is a unique property, built around the ruins of one of the oldest buildings in Zanzibar. The ruins are the remains of an 1871 Anglican Missionary, which freed, cared for, and schooled emaciated slave girls. “This is a significant piece of Tanzanian history, that adds a unique feel to this hotel,” commented Duke.

This delightful hotel consists of 13 luxury suites with balconies that overlook the sea. The hotels’ grounds incorporate a botanical garden that has over 500 different plant species, including 500-year-old cycads. The special blend of history and nature adds to the appeal of this exceptional hotel. Only 10 minutes away from the famous ‘Stone Town’, this hotel is a rare gem.