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Allied Pilots Association Rejects American’s Offer For Fast-Track Negotiations And Immediate Raises

FORT WORTH, Texas - The Allied Pilots Association (APA) today notified American that it would not accept the company’s revised fast-track contract proposal, which would have provided immediate raises for pilots and resulted in a new contract by next June—a fraction of the time devoted to most traditional negotiations in the airline industry.

“We are very disappointed by the APA’s response, because we believe that `traditional` negotiations in the airline industry are too lengthy and contentious,” said Jeff Brundage, vice president, Employee Policy and Relations. “Both parties want to change that dynamic, and we believe that in order to get different results we have to be willing to try new ideas. Both our initial proposal and the revised offer we developed to address some concerns raised by the APA reflected that.

“Regardless of the process used, we will continue to look for innovative ways to develop a new contract for our pilots as quickly as possible.”