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Inprise application server steers future for leading developer of travel reservation systems

Inprise Corporation (Nasdaq: INPR) today announced that Travel Technologies has selected the Inprise Application Server to be the development platform for its new-generation travel booking system. Travel Technologies is a specialized developer of travel software whose clients include the major Australian distributors of customer reservation systems (CRS)—SABRE Pacific and Southern Cross Galileo.
Ruth Speck, Travel Technologies’ general manager said her company selected the Inprise Application Server and a range of other Inprise tools to fast-track development and deployment of its new CRS application. “The travel industry is a highly-competitive industry and requires state-of-the-art product offerings. Inprise gives us powerful tools and a scalable, industry-standard platform on which to build our next generation travel management products,” she said.

The Inprise Application Server is an integrated, scalable and secure software server that enhances an enterprise’s competitiveness by streamlining IT processes and entire application lifecycle. It boosts productivity with visual development tools that are integrated with middleware and management tools, and also reduces maintenance costs through its distributed-component architecture. The Inprise Application Server is capable of integrating legacy environments through a consistent, CORBA-based foundation, and it includes Inprise’s AppCenter suite of application management tools, a unique and powerful offering among application-servers.

Travel Technologies’ System Architect, Greg Matthews, said the new system is expected to deliver advanced enterprise functionality, helping travel agencies with multiple offices integrate their processes and information access. “Because of the international nature of the travel industry, this system will need to run on multiple platforms and operating systems. Through its advanced support of the Java standard, the Inprise Application Server gives us the flexibility to ‘write once, run anywhere’,” he said. “We can design all the complexity of support and installation functions out of the front-end interface; so that users simply have to switch the power on to load the Inprise Application Server and access the system—they don’t need any extensive technical knowledge at all.”

Travel Technologies plans to complete development and testing of its new travel system within six months and to roll out a stable working beta version by September.

“The Inprise Application Server will save us time and give us a competitive edge by automating key elements of the testing and implementation process. It also provides a range of powerful utilities to simplify debugging processes and to streamline performance monitoring and system management,” said Mr. Matthews.


According to Jim Weil, president of Inprise’s enterprise division, “Global innovators and industry leaders such as Travel Technologies are adopting the latest technologies to stay ahead, while minimizing their risk. The Inprise Application Server—Inprise’s flagship product—is based on mature, proven, scalable systems that are based on open industry standards. The Inprise Application Server’s seamless, visual approach to development, integration, deployment and management empowers IT departments to streamline the enterprise application development process. It does all the hard work for you, including systems administration and operations support,” he said.

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Inprise Corporation is a leading provider of software and services that simplify the complexity of application development. Its Inprise enterprise division focuses on scalable enterprise integration products for major global customers—delivering complete application development, integration, deployment, and management solutions through its flagship Inprise Application Server. The company’s division is distinguished for its award-winning family of visual development tools and its online community for the independent and corporate software developer.